Do you know that one blood donation could potentially save 3 people or 6 premature babies.

The pandemic as a whole has caused massive disruption and affected our economy!  However, did you know that the donation of  blood has seen a real drop in how many people are now donating. As a comparison in mid-June the first week of July was already at 46% v 29% for the first week of August.

At present there are only 3 % of the population who donate blood and we need all the help and support of the communities that we attend to make the collection days a success. The blood service needs to collect 350 units every day to supply the 20 Welsh Hospitals in Wales and at times this can be extremely challenging for us. One blood donation could potentially save 3 people or 6 premature babies.

Everyone has rallied around their local communities, shared and helped friends, neighbours and families. Now it’s time to think about helping the Welsh Blood Service!

Are You Worried About Giving Blood, During These Challenging Times?

Well to help put your mind at rest, please use this link to look at all the relevant information you will need to understand the process. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION

???????? The actual act of donating blood only takes 5-10 minutes to do, but for someone in need, that blood could last a lifetime.

???????? Mae’r weithred wirinoeddol o roi gwaed dim ond yn para 5-10 munud, ond i rywun mewn angen, gallai’r gwaed bara am oes. Cymrud munud i weld pan fyddwn ni yn eich ardal nesaf a bwcio i #roigwaed

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