Regiment Training Group

Providing innovative training and development opportunities for corporations, businesses and individuals across the United Kingdom. 

Welcome to RTG, we offer a range of training courses in First Aid, Fire Safety, Manual Handling and Safeguarding.
We also provide professional coaching and leadership development to empower individuals, improve performance and increase productivity.

RTG Training Courses

Our training courses have been designed to provide participants with the knowledge and skills required to succeed. All of our courses result in the award of a qualification for those who successfully complete their training. 

We are committed to equipping individuals and organisations with the essential knowledge and skills they need to create safer and secure environments and workplaces. Our trainers have years of experience and are dedicated to upholding our four core values; responsive, expert, growth and trust. You can learn more about our four pillars on our about us page.

First Aid Courses

We provide a diverse selection of First Aid training programs tailored to address various situations, including workplace first aid, paediatric first aid, and refresher courses. Our training programs vary in length, spanning from 3-hour sessions to 3-day courses. Successful completion of any of our courses leads to the attainment of a First Aid Award (FAA).

Fire Safety Courses

Ensuring the safety of both employees and visitors in the workplace is paramount when it comes to fire safety. RTG’s courses are meticulously crafted to equip employees with a comprehensive grasp of fire safety. Discover more about our fire safety training courses today.

Manual Handling

Our manual handling courses are designed to promote a safer and more efficient approach to manual handling, aligning with HSE requirements and facilitating the adoption of best practices across a variety of scenarios.


For individuals working with children, young people, and vulnerable adults, safeguarding training is imperative. Our safeguarding courses encompass vital topics such as legislation, the reporting of safeguarding concerns, and recognising signs of abuse and neglect.

Mental Health

We offer a range of Mental Health courses designed to cover a variety of scenarios including first aid for mental health, supervising first aid for mental and awareness courses.

Professional Coaching and Leadership Development

Our goal is to support organisations, individuals and communities with building their skills and knowledge base to help all parties realise their full potential. Through our coaching methods we can work with your teams and business in times of change, crisis and growth as well as equipping them with tools to better deal with heightened levels of stress and anxiety.

What are the benefits of professional coaching for my business?

Coaching in business offers numerous advantages. It empowers individuals, encouraging them to assume responsibility for their growth, leading to increased employee engagement and motivation. Furthermore, coaching enhances individual performance by providing tailored guidance, helping identify high-potential employees, and revealing organisational strengths and development areas. This boosts overall effectiveness and strengthens the organisation’s long-term prospects.

Additionally, coaching demonstrates a company’s commitment to human resource development. By investing in coaching, businesses signal their dedication to employee growth and well-being, fostering a progressive and positive workplace culture that aligns with the company’s strategic goals. To discover more about our coaching services, visit our professional coaching and leadership development page.